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Men's Back Shaver

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Shaving your back hair with this back razor shaver is a simple way to alleviate the bear look without the extra hassle. This back shaver removes the hair from all the hard-to-reach places on your back. Back shaver is ergonomically designed to perfectly accommodate the contours of your back.

COMPACT DESIGN: back hair removal package contains a back shaver, a cleaning brush and a wall-mount accessory. back shaver comes with a wavelike rubber-coated handle for a firmer grip, suitable for both wet and dry shaving. Longer ergonomic handle helps you deal with hard-to-reach back areas. The whole handle is instantly retractable with the push for easy storage. Use our wall-mount device to save the back hair removal and body shaver for next use without taking up too much space.

VERSATILE FUNCTION: Shave away with or even without the handle. With the handle, men back hair removal and body shaver helps you reach the unreachable body parts. Without the handle, the blade holder with two detachable blade cartridges can be easily removed to fit in the hand for shaving skin areas within arm’s reach such as: chest, shoulders, or legs. Redesigned double-razor blade holder allows for a smoother and even longer lasting back shaver life.

SAFE USE ALWAYS: We know how all of us like to freshen up ourselves during shower and how awkward it is to ask someone to help you with back shaving, that’s why back hair removal and body shaver requires no batteries, no charger, no wires attached so that you can safely use even with wet shaving. Welcome a new look after using our body shaver!

GENTLE WITH SKIN: hair removal tool is the back shaver for both men and women of all ages. The double-blade cartridge is gentle with back skin, prevents skin irritations, reduces cuts, bleedings, and delivers pleasant shaving experience. It is recommended to use with gel, cream… beforehand and let the back shaver follow your body contour and our back hair removal will take care of the rest.

Freshen up yourself

Summer will be back soon with endless outdoor activities and fun. Don’t want to look bad with a hairy back? We’ll help you get your confidence back with the best back shavers for men.

Do-it-yourself. Why not?

Hand held back shaver can reach all areas of your body easily with a long S-shaped handle. Now you can have your back, neck, check, arms and legs,… shaved easier than ever.

Shave pain-free, wet or dry!

Shaver for back hair is designed to control razor flexibility in a manner that allows a lighter and less rigid friction between blades and skin surface, meaning an easy and pain-free shave, wet or dry!

Product Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 3 inches